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The taste of coffee

These days coffee is a versatile ingredient and flavour for many applications.

The increasing popularity of innovative coffee drinks in coffee houses has contributed to the use of this flavour in other applications such as dairy, soft drinks, ice cream, confectionary, syrups, sports bars and desserts.

Would you like a twist of hazelnut, maple, caramel or vanilla? The fusion of these flavours with coffee has become mainstream. Besides this, fragrant and floral notes are emerging and blend well with some varieties of coffee.

In addition to the use of coffee flavourings and extracts in ‘classics’ like ice coffee and ‘cold brew’, we see an early trend of child-friendly coffee drinks, coffee cocktails and carbonated coffee drinks as a refreshing alternative to regular coffee.

Different origins and nuances differentiate between the taste experiences you can achieve with our coffee flavourings. From authentic to a more contemporary profile…

How would you like your coffee today?

The taste of coffee The taste of coffee

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