Flavour idea


With the holiday season ahead, we look forward to the possibilities and many applications of savoury flavours in festive dishes.

For a long-lasting and intense taste experience, we selected for these festive days a natural flavour with mushroom taste for ragout. The most typical form of eating ragout in the Netherlands is in combination with "pastry". The ragout gets its creaminess through a base of béchamel, roux or thickened cream and it is served in a crispy tray of puffed pastry.

Mushrooms are very versatile ingredients in the kitchen with a rich umami taste. Its flavour can boost many (vegetarian) dishes with a pleasant savoury taste.

Our mushroom flavour with natural declaration is available in both liquid and powder form.

Tasting note: brown, earthy, slightly sulphurous (garlic and onion like).

Mushroom Mushroom

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