Flavour idea

Ginger and lime in an eclair

There is no match in this world for the special taste of ginger. It is warming, spicy, sweet and it combines perfectly with various citrus fruits. A real adult taste that goes well with many sweet applications like beverages, ice cream, biscuits and pastry.

The popular eclair is of French origin and offers endless variations in both flavour and textures. We filled ours with a bavarois based on fresh whipped cream and flavoured it with our natural ginger flavour for a warm and spicy sensation.

For an interesting contrast in flavour and to remind us of the coming spring, we topped it off with a lime flavoured glaze using a natural lime flavouring. To add freshness and a balanced flavour combination.

Tasting notes; spicy, woody, fresh and flowery.

Ginger and lime in an eclair Ginger and lime in an eclair

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