Flavour idea

Fruit pouch fennel and pear

For the ever-warmer spring days we prepared a fruity flavour combination as an ideal in between snack. We choose a healthy fruit pouch with organic apple sauce. Flavoured with a fennel flavouring and a pear flavouring and giving this application a real taste boost.

Fennel is known for its warm and liquorice-like taste and is very similar to aniseed. The similarity in taste is mainly because both contain a flavour chemical called anethol. However, fennel seeds are sweeter and somewhat less sharp. In combination with pear, fennel provides a more exciting taste that will give the healthy image of this application something special.

Buteressence has a versatile portfolio of natural herbal flavours that can provide a tasty surprise in both sweet and savoury applications.

Tasting notes: fresh, juicy, warm and sweet

Fruit pouch fennel and pear Fruit pouch fennel and pear

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