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Crêpes Suzette

Year after year France is one of the most popular holiday destinations for the Dutch. Also we at Buteressence are not missing out on any culinary venture into France and we are pleased to bring a French taste inspiration to you with the all-time dessert favorite crêpes Suzette.

The original recipe of crêpes Suzette is famous for the addition of a dash of liqueur. When the wafer-thin pancakes are sprinkled, they are served flambé, making it an extra special eating experience.

We know the cognac liqueur with the exotic character of oranges as Grand Marnier. It gets its characteristic taste from the use of unripe bitter oranges. The distillate of these dried orange peels is mixed with cognac and other ingredients like sugar.

We have re-created the complex tastes of Grand Marnier and can offer it to you with the convenience of a flavour, suitable for many applications such as ice cream, cakes and desserts.

Descriptors: citrusy, bitter, spicy.

Crêpes Suzette Crêpes Suzette

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