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Jam with yuzu flavour

At about the size of a mandarin, the taste of yuzu is often described as a combination of lemon, mandarin and grapefruit. The yuzu is a special fruit and actually not consumed as fresh fruit due to the many seeds and the small amount of juice. The appreciation for the yuzu is mainly due to the intensely fragrant peel that is frequently used in Japanese cuisine.

The most common way to use fresh yuzu is by grating the peel for garnish or as a seasoning in both sweet and savoury applications. One of the popular uses of yuzu is the Japanese variation on English marmalade, also called Yuzu Cha, in which the oranges are completely replaced by the peel and flesh of the yuzu.

For this flavour idea we created a jam making use of our yuzu flavour. When tasting it as such, the flavour instantly provides a powerful sweet and sour taste explosion with a unique peely and citrus-like character.

We combined this jam for this month’s flavour idea with a Japanese melon pan bread, which consists of a sweet bun with a crispy cookie crust around it for an extra Japanese experience.

Buteressence flavours make it possible to bring popular tastes from all over the world closer to the food product we all know and eat.

Descriptors: floral, citrusy and spicy

Jam with yuzu flavour Jam with yuzu flavour

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