Flavour idea

Vegan snack platter

A bowl of savoury snacks on the table immediately creates a festive atmosphere. The Flavour Idea for the coming weeks is a special cocktail plate containing four vegan products.

What is a snack platter without fresh cheese cubes? For this challenging vegan proposal we made vegetable cubes with the texture of soft young cheese and flavoured with a combination of Gouda cheese and Parmesan. This results in a slightly matured cheese experience that lingers for a long time.

We have shown several times that sweet and savoury go very well together. Figs are traditionally the perfect addition to various cheeses. This snack platter is of course not complete without a fruity sweet cheese dip with the delicious taste of dried fig.

Hummus is the ultimate vegetable spread and also very popular among non-vegans. We introduce the spicy taste of Za’atar to this classic hummus formulation. Za’atar is a popular spice mix from the Middle East that is traditionally used in bread and eaten at breakfast. The fresh green, spicy taste of our Za’atar flavour comes out very well in this application.

The platter is complimented with delicious salty mini crackers, flavoured with our Italian herbal flavouring.

We are sure that reading this Flavour Idea alone will have a mouthwatering effect on you!
Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to try the range of flavours we used for the taste of Gouda cheese, Parmesan cheese, figs, Za'atar or Italian herbs in your application.

Tasting note:
Vegan cheese cubes: cheesy
Cheese dip: dried fruit notes, jammy
Hummus: minty, spicy
Crackers: herbal

Vegan snack platter Vegan snack platter

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