Flavour idea


With this Flavour Idea of January we start off the New Year in a fresh, warm and spicy way, all at the same time. Earthy tastes such as matcha tea and ginger are becoming increasingly popular, also turmeric fits this list very well.

We characterize the taste of turmeric as herbal, warm, spicy and slightly bitter. It is one of the most used ingredients in curry dishes and provides both taste and colour.

Nowadays, turmeric is also popular as a supplement and as superfood. Like its family member ginger, it is increasingly being used in a wide variety of applications. We see this spice applied in items like hot and cold drinks, chocolate, pastries, popcorn and nut and fruit bars.

Turmeric combines very well with flavours such as ginger, coconut, cinnamon, orange or lemon.

We invite you to try the taste of turmeric and discover it in your own application.

Descriptors: spicy and slightly bitter

Turmeric Turmeric

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