Flavour idea

Custard with cookies taste

They are sweet, buttery and baked to perfection. Who isn’t longing for the nostalgic smell and taste of freshly baked cookies? We created a flavour for a delicious cookie experience without an oven!

Applied in a creamy custard, the flavour provides the great biscuit taste with typical brown and buttery notes. Unlike the normal ingredients flour, butter and eggs present in a typical cookie formula and requiring allergen declaration, our natural flavour is not.  It is also suitable for vegan applications as it does not contain any animal, dairy, egg or honey derivatives.

In addition, this flavour combines well with different spices or fruit tastes for a creative taste twist.

Our "freshly baked biscuit" flavour is suitable for various (vegan) applications, such as desserts, ice cream, pastries and confectionery.

Tasting notes: buttery, brown, baked

Custard with cookies taste Custard with cookies taste

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