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This month, we are presenting our monthly Flavour Idea just a little different than usual. In this time of social distancing, we suggest to get started yourself and evaluate some popular flavours from us. To inspire you, we would like to introduce three special natural flavours. And to reveal a secret, these are the personal favourites of our flavourists and application technologists.

Packed in a deluxe sample box, we are focusing on sweet tastes this month and present to you the flavours; Elderflower mint, Fresh lime and Roasted almond.

To make it easy for you, the sample box contains three 15 ml samples, scent strips for the important first impression and further instructions for easily applying the flavours to non-alcoholic beverages or dairy drinks to judge their taste. And hopefully afterwards test out the flavour in the application of your choice.

Immerse yourself in the world of our flavourists!

What’s in store for you?

Elderflower mint
Are you looking for a nice balance between two flavours that keep alternating and enhancing each other? In this all-in-one composition, the freshness of mint and the delicate flavour of elderflower come together perfectly. A fragrant and floral refreshment at its best, that keeps surprising. For the important first impression, add 15 drops to a glass of tonic water.

Fresh lime
The taste of freshly squeezed lime in your application? From spicy tacos to a refreshing cocktail - lime will take the taste experience to a whole new level. Pressing is no longer necessary, a few drops of the flavour is magical in both sweet and savoury. With 25 drops in a glass of butter milk, this flavour will show its true character.

Roasted almond
Unroasted, smoked or even roasted. The almond has many flavour profiles. We now selected the luxurious taste of roasted almond. Try it yourself and discover the possibilities of the flavour in your own application. Your glass of hot or cold chocolate milk will become a true moment of indulgence by adding 15 drops.




Get yourself into gear! Get yourself into gear!

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