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Strawberry cheesecake

We are 100% sure that most people love a slice of cheesecake. And when you combine this with the world's favourite fruit taste, you have a really delicious dessert. A juicy sweet strawberry with the light creamy character of cheesecake. This is what it's all about: our latest flavour creation Strawberry Cheesecake!

The great popularity of Strawberry Cheesecake has not gone unnoticed. The attractive taste of this dessert has found its way into other applications and we can certainly understand why.

The flavour of America's favourite dessert we created is available in a water soluble and in an oil soluble version. Sweetness at its best, combined with a rich concentrated strawberry taste and creaminess. Don’t miss out on it! 

A versatile flavour with plenty of creative possibilities in product development. Whether you want to give it a romantic or a modern twist.

Very suitable for many food products like pastry and chocolate fillings, fat creams and coatings, ice cream, dairy and confectionery items.

Descriptors: fruity, dairy


Strawberry cheesecake Strawberry cheesecake

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