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Arausio Essence

The ultimate summer feeling is enjoying beautiful days at the beach, a picnic in the park and a trip to the sunny South. Our flavourists have managed to capture this feeling in a taste experience.

Arausio is known as the Celtic water god. When the Celts moved far into Europe, a region in present-day France was named after this god. The name Arausio got corrupted and later became the French Orange in the Middle Ages.

Orange in French means sweet orange, the colour orange but it is also the gateway to the Provence. In this region your nose will lead you through a beautiful and picturesque landscape.

Arausio essence, an ode to the summer; the bright shining taste of orange combined with a hint of lavender.

Our flavour idea of this month is this  Arausio Essence incorporated into starch based gums. In addition to the Arausio flavour, these gums contain small lavender flowers giving a creative touch to the taste.

Curious to use this summery flavouring with summer appeal in your own application? You can always ask us for a flavouring sample!

Arausio Essence Arausio Essence

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