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Feta flavouring

The aromatic taste of feta is both recognizable and powerful; it provides balance to various dishes without immediately being overpowering. Feta goes well with the earthy and fresh notes of most vegetables and pairs well with green herbs such as rosemary, basil, thyme, mint or dill.

Ideal for creating a recognizable flavour profile in various applications, such as vegetable cheese analogues, pasta dishes and dip sauces. Using our feta flavouring, which can be declared as ‘natural flavour’.

Feta is originally from Greece, but don't assume that feta is only found in Greek recipes. Our application suggestion is a Turkish Börek roll.  Typically filled with real feta, but now replaced by a vegetable cream cheese filling with our vegan suitable feta flavouring. Deliciously combined with spinach and rolled into a crispy filo pastry jacket.

Try our feta flavouring, for a convincing taste experience mimicking real feta in your application. This flavouring type is available in water soluble, oil soluble and powder form.

Taste notes: cheesy, cultured, aged

Feta flavouring Feta flavouring

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