Flavour idea

Honey and lemon Cake pops

This year May is the month of the Sugar Feast. Also known as the festival of fast-breaking, to mark the end of the Ramadan. On top of a huge pile of sweet treats already, we have taken it one step further with a versatile sweet treat that has great looks: Cake pops!

Made with a creamy cake filling and enrobed with a sweet coating. The Cake pop is a perfect application for creating delicious sweets that we all love so much!

For this months’ flavour idea we selected an inviting fresh sweet taste typical for the spring season. The soft interior of the cake pop is flavoured with the sweetness of floral honey and matches beautifully in this application with the crunchy coating flavoured with lemon.

Playing with taste and texture, this application is a real springtime winner that immediately makes your taste buds happy!

Tasting Notes: floral, sweet, citrus

Honey and lemon Cake pops Honey and lemon Cake pops

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