Flavour idea

“Energy” glazed donut

The fast-paced racing cars of Formula 1 will return to the Netherlands at the beginning of September! We have a special flavour idea inspired by this exceptional event.

Energy drinks are known as the second "fuel" of Formula 1. They fit perfectly with the thrill and the adrenaline rush that the racing sport is known for.
No caffeine, but still the taste of Energy drink in your food product? It is possible!

For the necessary energy and to bring you in the racing mood, we offer a natural flavour with the recognizable taste of a classic energy drink. It has a tropical, fruity taste with distinct notes of tutti frutti.

To get taste inspiration in the fastest way possible, please try it in the festive glazed mini donut with an energetic taste.

Request a sample of the flavour today via our website.

We say three .. two .. one, let's race!

Tasting note: fruity, tropical, candy

“Energy” glazed donut “Energy” glazed donut

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