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Veganize with flavours!

A vegan burger or a pizza with a vegan ‘cheese’ topping? No big thing anymore for most of us! After the vegan trendsetters and fast growing start-ups, major brands and restaurant chains are now fully engaged in the development of vegan products.

This approach has resulted in a huge variety of vegan products in supermarkets and out of home eating in a short period. A noticeable trend is the veganization of conventional food products with a texture and taste that are as similar as possible to the original.

(Cream) cheese, fish fingers, minced meat, croquettes, salmon sashimi, smoked sausage, ice cream and even various cake and pie mixes. A rapidly growing list of popular products with new vegan introductions in both the sweet and savoury segment.

A pleasant and recognizable texture with the most optimal taste experience is key to the success and wider consumer acceptance of a vegan product.

In terms of taste, we do not run around like headless chickens to select the best flavouring for these new vegan applications, but of course without the chicken! For these important new developments in the field of vegan and plant-based products, we can offer a broad and 100% vegan suitable flavour range.

Looking for a characteristic simmered beef flavour in a vegan bean filling, a vegan cake with the pleasant taste of real butter or still having the taste of blue cheese in a vegan pasta sauce?

Our vegan suitable flavours can be used in numerous product segments and are extremely suitable for flavouring plant based meat, fish, cheese and dairy substitutes.

Of course, you can also contact us for 100% vegan suitable flavour options for your sweet applications.

Veganize with flavours! Veganize with flavours!

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