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Terms product information portal

This part of our website is only accessible for our customers.

They can access product information for products that have been purchased at least once in the previous two years. The documents are electronically generated, valid without signature and replace earlier versions.

On request, Buteressence will issue a user name (usually the person’s business e-mail) and a password for logging in to our product information portal.

The users of this portal are personally responsible for careful use of their account details (username and password). We cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage or losses caused by inappropriate use of the access rights or the account details.

Buteressence will annually review the access rights and will terminate these if deemed necessary. At all times, our customers are responsible for de-activating the access to our product information portal, if an employee is no longer entitled to view the product information provided by Buteressence.

Buteressence reserves the right to make adjustments to these terms. 

We pay the utmost attention and care to the correctness and completeness of the information provided on our website and cannot be held responsible or liable for possible mistakes or omissions in the information provided via this portal.