Reducing sugar


The purchasing behaviour of today's conscious consumer is strongly determined by taste. This is also true for reformulated, healthier and ‘better for you’ foods. These products must have an appealing taste and the consumer does not want to make concessions on either.

However, reducing sugar in existing formulas or new product developments comes with many challenges. Restoring the taste by bringing back balance, character and mouthfeel probably is the most difficult one!

Taste modulation is a comprehensive and important area within R&D ​​of the flavour industry, aimed at improving the eating experience when reducing sugar or at masking unwanted flavour notes. The use of so-called FMPs (flavourings with modifying properties) changes the sensory flavour profile of the finished product and positively contributes to the eating experience when sugar is reduced.

Based on the latest sensory insights, the Buteressence R&D team has developed a new range of modulator flavours having a natural flavour declaration and specifically for improving the consumer acceptance of reformulated sugar-reduced foods. To be applied at low dosage levels, but with a high impact and in combination with the flavour characteristic aroma already in use. Natural solutions, suitable for a wide number of applications, which fit perfectly within the clean label approach.

Please ask us which modulator flavour, available in both liquid and powder form, is best suitable for your product!

(*) Modulator flavour to be used in combination with the profile characteristic flavouring.

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