Surprisingly complete in savoury

What once started as a large offering of spice flavourings – still important today for our customers in preserved foods, pickles and sauces – has progressed to a complete range of savoury flavours and concentrated flavour topnotes.

Our savoury range of flavours consists of:

• cheese and dairy flavours;
• spice flavourings;
• meat and chicken topnotes;
• vegetable and mushroom flavours;
• culinary, chef style flavours.

Our savoury flavours fit ‘clean and clear label’ products perfectly because of their suitability for vegetarians and for the absence of declarable taste enhancers and unnecessary allergens.

Do you want to boost the culinary character of your product, add a touch of flavour or stand out in your product positioning? Please ask our flavourists; they know how our flavours can make this difference in your savoury products.