Flavour idea

Truffle Ball Mango Apricot

This year and since long, the Dutch Team is competing again at the greatest stage of football. Hosting four matches, Amsterdam is also one of the most important cities of this European Championship.

At Buteressence we responded to this sportiness with our passion for taste. We created a special selection for the championship with a team of tasty and festive orange flavours.

This month we are already kicking off, giving a tasteful pass with a orange truffle ball. A delicious flavour combination of mango and apricot, giving a fresh and slightly sour taste explosion to the creamy ganache filling.

In addition to these star players, our orange team consists of; mandarin, peach, passion fruit, orange blossom, tropical fruit, blood orange, capsicum, cantaloupe melon and papaya.

Tasting note: tropical, fruity, juicy

Truffle Ball Mango Apricot Truffle Ball Mango Apricot

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