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Peking Duck - 5-spices popcorn seasoning

Nowadays popcorn is a much healthier snack option than what it used to be. Below the salty and buttery layer you’ll find a versatile whole grain suitable for all kinds of creative taste concepts.

Popcorn is a fantastic base for a variety of flavours from sweet to savoury. For this month’s flavour idea we created a tasty Asian seasoning that will give your popcorn a completely different experience.

The oriental taste of this seasoning finds it origin in a powerful flavour combination of Peking duck and the sweet and spicy notes of Chinese 5-spices, in which star anise, fennel, pepper, cinnamon and cloves form a nice balance.

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Commercial seasonings get extra taste complexity and depth through the addition of flavour top notes. The powerful top notes that are used here can of course be used as well in other savoury applications.

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Descriptors: meaty, spicy, fatty

Peking Duck - 5-spices popcorn seasoning Peking Duck - 5-spices popcorn seasoning

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