Flavour specialists

Rich heritage in flavours

The market success of your food product is undeniably linked to taste. Over 150 years we have developed and manufactured flavours for the food industry with only one goal in mind: to make your product taste like more!

Flavour is the key to winning your customer’s heart and mind. That is why, together with you, we embark on a journey to develop the right flavour profile for your sweet and savoury food products. In our laboratories we develop and test our flavours for every desired taste and application. 

Customer oriented, that is how our approach can be defined. From product development to the actual supply into the Benelux countries, Europe and South East Asia. For medium-size branded manufacturers, private label specialists and start-up companies we are the ideal partner for affordable flavours with short and flexible lead times. Offering full support in application, legislation, sensory profiling and product documentation.

Flavour specialists from day one, from the moment Buteressence was founded by Herman Buter in 1870. The flavourful essences coming out of his “Stoom-Essencefabriek Old Holland” in Amsterdam were greatly appreciated at the time by manufacturers of food and beverages. Since then the factory moved site and modernised. What has never changed though, is our passionate approach to create and to innovate.

'Connects flavours and food'  An optimal taste experience requires synergy, a perfect interaction of quality and functionality between the flavours used and the other food ingredients. We know how to reach this synergy. Your product is our challenge.