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Think Pink!?

In the summer of 2022, Chef Pii's "Pink Sauce" went viral on social media. It is a sweet and sour sauce with the bright pink colour of pitahaya.

The pitahaya, also known as dragon fruit, is a beautiful oval cactus fruit with a red or yellow scaly skin. The flesh of the dragon fruit varies between white, yellow and reddish purple with many black edible seeds.

Sauce with the taste of dragon fruit
With this month’s flavour idea, we like to show you that every ‘hype’ can also be translated into a trendy taste.
We have developed our own “Pink Sauce” based on vegan mayo with some added cream. It is flavoured with our new dragon fruit flavouring. The colour of the sauce comes from added dragon fruit powder and we have added some chia seeds for the ultimate dragon fruit experience.

The dragon fruit flavouring gives the sauce its delicate "tropical" taste that can best be described as a crossover between kiwi and pear with a hint of berry. A delicious taste that goes well with poke bowl recipes, sweet potato fries or snacks. In addition to being used in sauces, the dragon fruit flavouring is an excellent choice for (protein enriched) dairy products, energy drinks, ice-teas, sugar confectionery and fruit preparations.

The taste of tropical fruit
There is a huge variety in the taste of tropical fruits, unique to the variety and the region it grows in. The taste of tropical fruit can range from quite subtle and delicate to strong and intensely present, depending on the fruit type. The diversity in texture and the distinct taste of tropical fruit are important factors that contribute to their popularity.

So be surprised by the variety of our tropical fruit flavouring portfolio.

Think Pink!? Think Pink!?

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