Flavour idea

That is a different cookie!

No, not necessarily. They still taste like the beloved cookie and cake flavours we all know so well, but then specifically developed for use in food products in which you might not expect them. This month's Flavour Idea focuses on the growing trend and use of Bakery Style flavours.

The use of various cookie, biscuit and cake flavourings is already a trend within the global sports and fitness market. Protein bars and meal replacement shakes are flavoured in this direction. Positioned as a healthier choice but at the same time secretly satisfying 'unhealthy food cravings'?

The creative team of Buteressence stayed on top of this and created flavour building blocks and many ideas for a cookie and cake flavouring portfolio that is suitable for a wide range of applications. We understand the complex flavour profile of baked cookies, pie dough and pastry crust and how to achieve this in other applications. Using real cookie pieces as decoration or inclusions is no longer the only method available to achieve the authentic mouth-watering taste you are after.

All our flavourings can be declared as natural flavouring and are available in both water-soluble and oil-soluble qualities. Widely applicable in dairy, ice cream, plant-based drinks, pastry fillings, fat coatings and chocolate. And in addition, why not use them in snacks and protein bars for traveling, at work or during exercising?

This new portfolio offers many different flavour types such as apple pie, café noir, coconut macaroon, birthday cake, macarons, lemon cake and of course, the typical Dutch pink cake. If you are missing any cookie or cake flavour, please do let us know.

Contact us to try a sample yourself! Possibly a different cookie may not be that different after all in your application.

That is a different cookie! That is a different cookie!

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