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Spice flavouring portfolio: a powerful start!

Spices add depth to dishes by providing extra layers of taste and complexity. They do not only enhance the basic tastes such as sweetness and saltiness, but add subtle and interesting taste nuances as well. Our spice flavourings offer an effective way to introduce the richness of spices into your products, without having to use ground spices. The intensity can be regulated effortlessly and even in small quantities they provide an impressive taste boost.

Spices also play a prominent role in desserts and bakery products and their presence is crucial. These seasonings have the ability to transform dishes from simple to sophisticated. They are effective in enhancing the sweet experience and act as a sort of counterbalance to sugar.

Spice blends are deeply rooted in the culinary traditions of different eating cultures. The use of specific spices to a dish define its authenticity and identity. They contribute to the overall eating experience of a dish, stimulate the senses and arouse your appetite. The smell of vanilla or cardamom alone can make a dish irresistible, even before you take a bite.

Blend of taste
In addition to the use of individual spices, spice mixtures such as gingerbread spices and chai spices have been extremely popular over a long period. By mixing spices in different ratios, new and unique taste combinations can be created. An example is our American spice flavour, this compounded flavouring combines delicious citrus notes with the warming power of cinnamon and will result in a complete flavour transformation in for example cakes and muffins.

Our extensive spice flavouring portfolio includes a wide selection of single spices as well as blends that are suitable for various applications. If you want to learn about the spice flavour most suitable for your specific product, we are always at your disposal for advice and samples.

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Spice flavouring portfolio: a powerful start! Spice flavouring portfolio: a powerful start!

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