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Curry coconut macarons

Curry is a mixture of different aromatic spices, used around the world and not just a spice with a yellow colour. Known and loved in our cuisine as well as a cream style sauce to be poured over vegetables, added to mayonnaise for a quick dip or in chicken curry salad for snacking. A versatile spice mixture can add its vibrant taste to almost anything.

The taste of the ‘Dutch version of curry’ can be described as spicy, earthy and relatively mild. This in contrast to the much spicier curry varieties in the Indian cuisine. The composition of the curry spice blend differs per country and can vary greatly; the recipe is definitely not fixed.

The base however consists predominantly of turmeric, ginger, cardamom, coriander, cloves, caraway, cumin, black pepper and fennel seed.


Curry and coconut are a very popular combo and widely used in many curry dishes. Great flavour friends. But did you know that coconut based bakery items can benefit from a hint of curry as well?  Macarons are gaining popularity as a food truck snack: just for fun, we have applied our curry flavouring to sweet coconut macarons this month.

With its warming, sweet, spicy earthy profile, the mild yet powerful aromatic profile of this curry flavour is a versatile friend to everyone and very suitable for use in sweet baked goods such as cakes and biscuits.

Descriptors: spicy, sweet and herbal

Curry coconut macarons Curry coconut macarons

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