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Flavour harmony: Nashi pear and Korean herbs

This month we are inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Korea, where barbecuing is a true art form. The rise of Korean barbecue restaurants in the Netherlands is definitely proof of the growing popularity of this taste experience.

With Korean barbecue you are in control, preparing the meal à la minute on the grill, often built into the table. Do it yourself so to say, accompanied by an abundance of Korean side dishes known as banchan. Dishes like beef bulgogi, also known as 'fire meat' because of its traditional preparation over an open fire, with its unique marinade enriched with the nashi pear. Eating Korean style, you share food in an enjoyable social dining experience.

Japanese pear
The nashi pear, also known as the Asian or Japanese pear, is a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds with its unique, sweet and refreshing profile. Ideal as a healthy snack, but also as a versatile ingredient in salads, desserts and savoury dishes.

We have developed a flavour that embraces this exciting fusion of tastes; the tempting nashi pear flavour complimented with Korean herbs. This combination brings together the best of both worlds: the sweet, juicy refinement of the nashi pear and the powerful, spicy aromas of Korean spices.

Now that spring has arrived and we are all eager to get the barbecue out again, we present this flavour to you in a table sauce, that goes perfectly with all you prepare on the barbecue.

Curious about this harmonious taste experience? We have a sample ready for you.

Flavour harmony: Nashi pear and Korean herbs Flavour harmony: Nashi pear and Korean herbs

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