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Bumbu 'oliebollen’!

For most Dutch people, New Year's Eve is not complete without a platter of the typical Dutch treat oliebollen and a cold glass of Champagne.

To expand on the range of oliebollen around the festive period, this month we proudly present a variation with a spicy bumbu flavouring for savoury-style oliebollen instead
of the normal sweet versions with or without raisins and currants and a bag of powdered sugar to sprinkle.

The Dutch word Boemboe is derived from the Indonesian word Bumbu and often appears preceding names of spice mixtures, sauces and pastes. In Indonesia, bumbu is described as a blend of different types of herbs, spices and vegetables with a pleasant smell and taste.

Our bumbu flavouring has a slight spicy and warm herbal taste with distinct notes of garlic, onion, ginger, cumin, coriander and pepper.

The neutral base recipe of oliebollen batter makes this product extremely versatile to create and there are many savoury options to explore. Replace the raisins and currants with for example small strips of bacon, grated cheese or chilli flakes or serve them with a tasty dipping sauce on the side for an unforgettable snack in combination with your favourite drink!

Taste Notes: spicy, hot, brown

Bumbu 'oliebollen’! Bumbu 'oliebollen’!

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