January 2018

New website and pay-off

Buteressence has improved the ‘look and feel’ and functionality of its website to meet the current demands of its users and introduced a new pay-off. 

Please visit our new website, where we not only included relevant information on our company, product offering and our monthly flavour idea, but also offer the option to download our quality certificates and customer specific product information. As one of the very few suppliers in the flavour industry, we offer this possibility to download actual product information sheets via our website. This functionality has been improved and simplified as well. You will no longer receive an e-mail link, but can access our product information portal directly with your current user name and password. And this for a period of 4 consecutive hours.

Next to changes to our website, we also introduced a new pay-off to our company logo; to support and strengthen what we believe is important in the development, sales and production of flavours.

Our new pay-off is ‘Buteressence, Connects flavours and food’.

With this we want to emphasise that, even more than in the past, we focus on developing the right taste for your food and beverage products. Creating the best possible connection between the demands of your application and our flavours. But also our intent to build a good connection with your company; a partnership that is based on supplying flavours that make the difference, great service and flexibility. As hopefully we have done in the past.