April 2019

Reduction of added sugar in bakery products

Buteressence was asked to contribute to the Workshop Food Reformulation, organized by the WUR Wageningen University & Research on April 4th. The Food & Biobased Research Team was hosted the workshop, in cooperation with the FNLI (the Dutch branch organization for the food industry), to conclude a project on improvement of product composition in which Wageningen supported the industry with technological know-how.

The workshop had great attendance.  Almost 80 professionals from the bakery and confectionery industry were presented with quality knowledge and insights from the Wageningen experts. Useful insights to address the challenges of reformulation when reducing added sugars. It became clear that successful reformulation is driven by understanding the interaction between ingredients and the development of final texture. And obviously, taste!

Buteressence was invited, next to a limited number of other ingredient suppliers to the bakery and confectionery industry, to present our best flavour proposals for a sugar reduced cake. Our R&D team, with senior flavourist Wendy van der Hout in the lead, created a number of Taste Modifier Flavours specifically for this application. To contribute to improved consumer acceptation of the reformulated healthier products.

A customized approach, resulting in this set of new flavours fine-tuned towards this application and based on sensory evaluation of the profiles of the reference bakery product and its sugar reduced alternative. More smell, a layered flavour profile and an intense sweet impression.  All based on flavour notes that are typical for this traditional bakery item (sweet, buttery, vanilla, crust and freshness).

We were delighted to learn at the end of the workshop that our Taste Modifier Flavour ‘Balance’ was evaluated very positively by the many participants of the blind taste test on flavour sameness in a 50% added sugar reduced cake.

If you are interested to know what these flavours and our approach to sugar reduction can mean for your application, don’t hesitate to contact us.