January 2020

150th Anniversary Year

This anniversary year of Buteressence, the 150 year old flavour specialist located in Zaandam in the Netherlands, was festively kicked-off on Thursday 28th of November 2019.

Two important themes run characterize this jubilee year. Using the Dutch slogan “Lekker Bezig” (Tasty in Business) the company shows that it is constantly evolving to create and produce contemporary and distinctive flavours. In addition, the company is launching ambitious plans for the coming years for both improved production facilities and further upgrades of its portfolio range.

For Ton Toben, director-owner of the company, it is evident that the success and continuity is predominantly due to the 40 colleagues and the many customers that the company served over the years. An achievement to be proud of!

Buteressence mainly sells its flavours in the Benelux to well-known branded manufacturers, private label specialists and promising start-ups. Selling business-to-business the company from Zaandam is highly dependant for its own success on the competitiveness of its customers in today’s very demanding food market. Delivering customized solutions and a high level of flexibility are prerequisites for this.

To show our appreciation, a special event is scheduled for all customers on Thursday 18th of June 2020.