September 2018

Automatic dispensing unit installed at Buteressence

Buteressence has gone operational with the recently installed High Capacity Dispensing Unit for the production of liquid flavouring concentrates. This after a lengthy period of design, preparation and trial. Together with our Dutch partner Vanwyk – a world leader in high accuracy liquid dispensing equipment for the flavours and fragrances industry – we have introduced a new way of producing, based on proven technology. Important to respond to the increasing demand for more complex and distinct flavours.

We have the capacity now to automatically dispense 400 of our most frequently used raw materials into concentrated ‘flavour hearts’. These are further processed and extended into our final commercial flavours. At this stage we focused on automizing our complex smaller manual weighments.

Ton Toben, managing director of our company referred to it as “a significant investment to improve our efficiency and quality, whilst maintaining the flexibility in our production that our customers are accustomed to. An important milestone in our ongoing automization project to make Buteressence even more future-proof”.

To have a look at our production; please go to the ‘photo impression’ page on this website.