August 2021

New powder blending facility operational!

From June onwards we are fully operational with our two new mixing lines for powder flavourings, enabling us to link efficient production with more flexibility in our product offering.

At our site in Zaandam we constructed, together with industry specialist AZO, a new installation focusing on product quality, hygienic design and operator ergonomics.
Two identical lines in fully separated rooms, with Amixon AM conical mixers as centrepieces; one with a 400 liter mixing capacity, the other one significantly larger with 1500 liter capacity.

Because of restricted height in the existing building, we used 3D-technology during the design to guarantee optimal accessibility of all key functions of the installation.

A pneumatic conveying system doses our key bulk ingredient directly from the big bag into the mixers, followed by all the flavour substances and concentrates. After the mixing process, the final product passes a cyclone screener (sieve) and is filled off in bag in box using a semi-automatic filling and weighing station.

Please have a look at some of the pictures we took, via link.