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Apricot mocktail

With our national holiday King’s Day just around the corner, we’ll definitely come into an ‘orange mind-set’ with this fresh and sweet Apricot mocktail. It is refreshing, fruity and looks as festive as an alcoholic cocktail. The origin of the name mocktail comes from the English word Mock and means ‘not real or not authentic’.

The apricot is widely used in making alcoholic liqueurs and well-loved in many cocktail classics. Apricots are sweet with a mild acidic flavour; around the kernel it even tastes a bit like hazelnut or almond. Apricot kernels are often used in infusions or distillations giving the finished product a clear hint of almond.

We opted for an alcohol-free alternative and chose a concentrated apricot nectar juice. Because of it high fruit content it mixes well with soda water, orange juice or even tonic waters.

In this non-alcoholic application we added an apricot flavouring to boost it distinct smell and taste. Next to this, we have many other flavouring options for diversification like amaretto, orange, gin or other citrusy notes.

We hope this mocktail idea provides you with some creative input for a surprisingly complete taste profile and a ‘responsible drinking’ alternative for classical alcoholic cocktails.

Taste descriptors; fruity, fuzzy (peely) and tropical.

Apricot mocktail Apricot mocktail

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