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Stroopwafel and Japanese cotton cheesecake

The Olympic Games in Japan finally start this month! Japan is an international source of inspiration when it comes to taste and food trends. We also know that Japan loves our Dutch delicacies and tourists like to take it with them as a souvenir.

With its international fame, the iconic topper is surely the stroopwafel ("syrup waffle"). Today, the stroopwafel is extremely popular as an energy snack among athletes such as basketball players and cyclists for a quick energy boost. Who would have thought?

Just like our stroopwafel, in Japan the cotton cheesecake is a national delicacy with international fame. Thanks to the Japanese technique with a mixture of whipped egg whites, this cheesecake is super light, but still has a creamy texture.

In keeping with the trend, we have an authentic stroopwafel flavour in both liquid and powder form. The taste of stroopwafel in a delicious (butter cream as a topping for a) Japanese cheesecake. The best of both worlds, perfect for both athlete as well as supporter.

Discover the taste of stroopwafel in your own product for the ultimate Dutch taste experience.

Tasting note: baked, carmalized, brown


Stroopwafel and Japanese cotton cheesecake Stroopwafel and Japanese cotton cheesecake

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