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Strawberry chili pepper candy

The flavour idea of this month at Buteressence is dedicated to Valentine’s Day. With love we present you a special spicy flavour combination of strawberry and chili pepper.

Strawberry has become a symbol of love and affection, because of its heart like shape and its deep red colour. The surprising twist of the flavour combination we have chosen lies in the addition of a chili pepper flavour, which gives the strawberry its hot and spicy note and a slight tingling sensation in the mouth.

We have applied these flavours in a soft pectin based candy, enrobed with Ruby chocolate. This new variety of chocolate is trending in 2019 and recognizable by its beautiful pink colour and fruity taste. This contributes in a unique way to the overall flavour of this application.

Tasting notes; fruity, jammy and hot.

Strawberry chili pepper candy Strawberry chili pepper candy

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