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Apple pie & coffee fudge

Fancy a piece of apple pie with a freshly brewed cup of coffee? We do! This month it is time for two nostalgic flavors that immediately give you a warm and cozy feeling!

Perfectly fitting our 150th anniversary year, we selected two flavourings with a rich history. Our dark-roasted coffee extract has been a true classic since the early 90s. Adapted later on to modern requirements, we now applied this extract in a soft chocolate fudge. For a delicious Café Mocha experience!

Old-fashioned home baked apple pie, who doesn't love it?  When using it in a delicious soft caramel fudge, our apple pie flavouring brings a rich taste experience of sweet apple, cinnamon notes and caramel.

Please enjoy these warming flavours and feel free to ask for a sample!

Mocha: dark roasted
Apple pie: spicy, baked

Apple pie & coffee fudge Apple pie & coffee fudge

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