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‘Stroopwafel’ Orange blossom

Food and drinks with a hint of rose, lavender or hibiscus set the trend. Orange blossom fits perfectly in this list and should not be missed this summer. Inspired by the Eid–al–Fitr celebrations (marking the end of Ramadan) and the many delicacies from the Middle East, we bring two worlds together with this month’s Flavour Idea.

A Dutch ‘stroopwafel’, or treacle-waffle as some English call it, with the taste of orange blossom. The flower of the orange tree is very aromatic with its floral notes and the light taste of orange.

The 'stroopwafel' is a bakery product that you see in many different flavour varieties nowadays. The taste of the Eastern orange blossom combined with traditional Dutch caramelic sweetness shows just how surprising a mix of two taste cultures can be.

Tasting note: floral, sweet

‘Stroopwafel’ Orange blossom ‘Stroopwafel’ Orange blossom

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