Flavour idea

Spicy Mexican dip

Dipping is hot! It's party time at Buteressence and what’s a party without a spicy Mexican party dip?

The appeal of Mexican food comes from various spices and the use of colourful peppers. Typical Mexican dips are often based on beans, avocado, tomatoes or crème fraîche. We selected a Mexican spice flavouring with an extra spicy character for this month’s flavour idea. With clear notes of cumin, bell peppers, garlic and capsicum, the flavour immediately provides a delightful Mexican experience with a spicy mouthfeel.

Looking for this spicy taste boost? Our flavour is suitable for various applications such as dressings, snacks, marinades and sauces.

Spice flavours provide variety, unique flavour profiles and increasingly contribute to salt - and sugar reduction. At Buteressence you are at the right address when looking for a broad portfolio of spice flavourings.

Tasting notes: spicy, herbal notes and hot

Spicy Mexican dip Spicy Mexican dip

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